Dental Implants

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Dental implants are becoming increasingly more popular as an alternative to dentures. A dental implant is a titanium post surgically implanted into the jawbone. Dental implants have many advantages over their denture counterpart. Once in place, little to no maintenance is required of the implant itself. Meanwhile, dentures are held in place by paste or adhesive wafers which need to be re-applied whenever the teeth are removed. Overall, dentures require a great deal of maintenance.

Another benefit to implants is they can be used to anchor dentures in place. Implants are strong, sturdy and reliable, reducing the need for messy adhesives and unsightly slippage, making them much more comfortable for the patient. The best part? Care is very simple, as patients only need to brush, floss, and visit their dentist routinely for exams and hygiene.

At Monument Family Dentistry we work with our patients to achieve their dental health goals. Our team is highly motivated to make the smile of our patients and their families both bright and healthy.

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